Return to Work: New

Lifeworks Health Services provides vocational services to those injured workers who are unable to return to their pre injury employer as a result of their workplace injuries. Our vocational programs are unique in that our team work with Employment Placement Specialists who are highly experienced in job seeking training and with networking and reverse- marketing for employment placement.

We assist injured workers to gain knowledge, understand what vocational retraining options are available to them and how they either gain new skills or use their current skills to seek new employment.

LHS consultants utilise their vast knowledge of workplace rehabilitation experiences and skills to identify barriers (both psychosocial and biomedical) and provide strategies to overcome them in a cost-effective and definitive timeframe.

Our unique team of Rehabilitation Counsellors, Employment Placement Officers and Registered Psychologists work together to assist injured workers through this difficult process by offering the following services:

  • Vocational (Suitable Employment) Assessments

  • Workcover Incentives-WorkTrials and Jobcover placement programs

  • Implementation of Workcover Vocational programs

  • Ongoing Vocational counselling

  • Labour Market Analyses

  • “Persistent Pain” Counselling

  • Adjustment to disability counselling

  • One-on-one with Employment Placement Officer

  • Resume writing

  • Application letter writing

  • Interview technique advice

  • Sourcing employment/job matching

  • Marketing/cold canvassing employers

  • Reverse marketing with Employment Placement Officer

  • How to discuss your injury with prospective employers

  • Post Placement Support

  • Vocational Counselling