Goals of the Program

To increase an injured worker’s function/ physical conditioning with outcomes of the program used to achieve a timely return to work or to demonstrate a “Capacity for work”.

  • Would your injured worker be better off doing an Exercise Physiology program to increase function
    to attain a “capacity for work” sign off in lieu of a host placement or in conjunction with one?
  • Would your injured worker be better positioned to gain more functionally from Exercise Physiology program to assist them to return to pre-injury employment in a more timely manner? i.e. Those who work in medium to high physical demands positions.
  • Have you considered an exercise physiology program for those with a psychological claim, to increase function and capacity for work?

What to expect from the LHS Exercise Physiologist

  • Baseline report with key objectives of the program

  • Regular re-testing of pre-intervention measures

  • Ongoing progress

  • Interventions focussed on improving functional capacities required to return to preinjury employment