Lifeworks now offer a coupled service of Ergonomic Workstation Assessment by a highly qualified Allied Health Professional with the option of supplying quality Australian-made ergonomic chairs.

We believe it’s this comprehensive, holistic service approach that will provide you with the best value for money while ensuring your staff are working at ergonomically correct, safe and comfortable work stations.
Ergonomic Workstation Assessments are available at three levels:

1. Walk-through Ergonomic Assessment

Review of large number of employees where no injuries have been reported. All participants will have filled out workstation ergonomic workstation checklist and corrected minor changes at the workstation themselves. Ergonomic workstation checklist would be reviewed and provided to the employee/supervisor at completion. Summary of assessments can be provided with recommendations (at extra cost).

2. Basic Ergonomic Assessment

Individual assessments for employees with no or only minor injuries/recently reported symptoms (usually they are at work on full normal duties). Experienced LHS consultants will assess workstation set-up only and report on any recommendations for equipment/modifications required. (This does not include quotation for sourcing equipment or installation-this can be requested separately).

3. Comprehensive/Complex Ergonomic Assessment:

Individual assessments for staff with complex work requirements or identified injuries/ disabilities. The assessment covers the history of the injury/symptoms, liaison with treating Doctor/treating parties, any joint restriction or functional limitation, current work situation, job description and duties, physical and psychological demands of the job, injury prevention and management strategies – all of which are detailed in the report. This may or may not include a staff member with a compensation claim. All recommendations for equipment/sourcing of supplier and/or modifications to workstation are documented in report. (N.B. If follow-up assistance with installation is required-this would incur an additional fee).